How to Participate Exhibitions in China [返回]

Make Application
If you intend to participant an exhibition in China, you need to set up a contact with the organizer and ask for detailed description about the show and application procedure. Then, after you make up your mind, you need to follow the procedure to make the application. You need to fill in the application form and send it back to the organizer. You need also ask for the floor plan of the halls and range of spaces available, choose location for your show booth, arrange payment, obtain invitation and apply for visa.

Standard Show Booth
In general, a standard show booth size in China is 9 square meters (3m*3m).It includ-es three walls, two spotlights, two chairs, one desk ( L*H*W: 1.0m*0.8m*0.5m) and one 220 volts/5 am three-phase power outlet. It also includes a headboard of 3.0m*0.35m for your company logo, name and booth number.

Generally speaking, if you order moue than four standard show booths, you can req-uire only the area and customize decoration. We recommend to you the following service companies for your custom exhibit. They, exhibit designers, producers, and display build-ers, are full of experiences for providing sophisticated services from design to installation and dismantle. They can communicate with you in English as well as Chinese:

Above-mentioned companies can also customize your standard booth.

Lease Furniture and Electrical Appliances
Show Organizers, exhibition centers and show services companies can make arrang-ement for you to lease tables, cabinets, computers, A/V and etc.
Supply of Water, Electricity and Gas.

If you need quantity of electricity, water supply and drainage or even natural gas, youneed to mention them clearly in your application form and discuss with show Organizer f-or the services.

If you will make a lot of long distance telephone calls (DDD and IDD) and send a lot of faxes, we suggest you to lease telephone lines so as to reduce the costs. Please keep in mind to make advance order so that you don’t need to pay floor order fee.

Security and Lock-Up
During show period, exhibition Organizers provide security services mainly in the ent-rances and exits. Security guards are arranged to register big exhibits to come in and go out. However, not all the show halls have lock-up. You need to take care of your values in the show.

If you customize you show booth, please do not ignore design and construction of storage room. It can be used for personal belongings, coats, documents, company gifts and etc. Show attendants in standard show booth need portable briefcase for valuable items.

Original Packing
Before the show opens, Organizer will clean the show area, taking away all packing materials for purpose of clean environment and fire protection. If you need your original packing materials back after the show, you need to arrange it with the Organizer.

Show Directory
In each show, the Organizer will publish a Show Directory, listing all the exhibitors. It plays its role after the show finishes. So, your attention should be paid to it. In general, it is free of charge to list exhibitors in the Directory. The Organizer will list you company na-me, address, telephone numbers, e-mails, web-site, fax number, and scope of business according to your application form. You could also choose to advertise in the Directory, making our company outstanding.

Area Advertising
In addition to the opportunity to make advertisement in the Directory, you could also advertise in the show area both inner and outer the hall, including banners, valances, bal-loons and etc. Some of the exhibitors who are familiar with the location acted early to tak-e the best location for the advertisement of their services and products. If you are interes-ted in area advertisement, take action from the very beginning, asking the Organizer for detailed quotation and etc.

Technical Seminars, Forum and Special Report
Most Organizers and show managers are willing to host technical seminars, forum a-nd special topic reports because it benefits the exhibitors a lot. The Organizer will post th-e event list in the entrances of the show area, distribute it by handing out flyers or list them in the Directory. In most cases, it is free to be the audiences. It is an excellent opportu-nity to market your services and products. Your clients or distributors might come ort from the listeners. Experiences Participants will definitely choose this type of services. In gen-eral, each special topic report is scheduled for two hours as a unit. You need to discuss with the Organizer for details.

After you setup the timetable, you need to check with the Organizer for basic equipm-ent, such as projector, television, computer and etc. If the basic supplies could not meet you requirement, you can lease more separately. Following companies provide leasing s-ervices:

Customs Declaration
Exhibits for exhibition are deemed as imported item but exempted form taxation. Sin-ce they are imported items, customs declaration is requested. In China, certified persons who are professionally trained for the job handle customs declaration. For shows with pa-rticipants from abroad, Exhibition Transportation Service Company is arranged for Custo-ms Declaration.

Purchased Exhibits
It is great that you sold your Exhibits to customers in the show. All you need to do is simply find out if you need to pay any tax for it. That is it!

Participants Pass Card
To enter the show halls daily, you need a pass card. Normally, 2-3 cards are provided to a standard show booth Participant. If you need more, contact your Organizer. The car-d is valid for the whole period, including set up and move-out.
In general, show operation hours are between 09:00 and 14:30. Attendants should a-rrive half an hour early and leave half an hour late.

Cleaning Service
Generally speaking, Organizer arranges leaning services for the public area, while th-e Participants take care of the area within their booth or customized area.

During show period, you are suggested to check in those hotels or guesthouses reco-mmended by the Organizer. In most cases, they are the hotels and guesthouses near the show venue, so that you could avoid inconvenience due to distance.

Followings are the listed hotels closest to the related show venues (*marks star grade):








   (1) 提前做出参加展会的中长期计划,这样的好处是可以预定展位,按照惯例,预付参展费和其他服务等费用,可以得到相当大的优惠价格。
   (2) 总结以往的经验,保留不必不可少的支出预算,减少不必要的开销。
   (3) 对上次参展使用过的家具、展架或设备再利用。